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Tabitha's Platform

Climate Change

Tabitha Johnson-Green - Climate Change

To have a healthy and prosperous nation, we must combat the effects of climate change. Clean air and clean water are vital to our health and existence. We need to increase our usage of solar and wind energy sources, reduce carbon emissions, and protect our natural resources. Climate change is a real issue with real costs that should no longer be ignored. I support transitioning the United States to a fossil fuel--free, 100% renewable energy system and fully modernized electrical grid.


Rather than invest your tax dollars in revitalizing the obsolete coal industry and other nonrenewable and polluting forms of energy, we should invest in retraining workers in those industries for the next chapter in American industry and building alternative energy production plants, creating green job opportunities, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and ensuring America’s economic and environmental leadership.

The effects of lax environmental regulations are life-threatening and especially detrimental to low-income communities, furthering the cycle of poor health and poverty. Climate change is the single biggest security threat for the United States. The effects can be seen in the current climate refugee crisis throughout the world. We must take larger steps to address it.

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