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Tabitha Johnson-Green - Education

It has long been said that education is the great equalizer.

Never has that been more true than in today’s labor market. According to a study by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, 65% of jobs in America require education or professional training beyond high school. According to the Census Bureau, only 59% of Americans meet that requirement. For black Americans, that percentage is 53%, and for Hispanic Americans, it’s 37%. This is one of the largest factors that perpetuate the racial wealth gap and make it harder for all Americans to give their children the opportunities that should be afforded to them.


Quality public education is part of what once made America the land of opportunity, and it is time to update the structure of our educational system to meet the needs and challenges of a changing economy and to ensure that this opportunity is available to all. Every child deserves a chance to achieve higher education, regardless of their family’s wealth.

That’s why I support making tuition free at public colleges and universities throughout the country.

The student debt crisis is possibly the greatest danger to our economic security today. Student loan debt has surpassed $1.6 trillion, while median income stagnates and class mobility falters. We need to find a reasonable and effective way to solve this crisis before it causes another recession.