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Tabitha's Platform

Electoral Reform

Tabitha Johnson-Green - Electoral Reform

In 36 states, legislatures draw the district lines that determine their electorate. To advantage themselves, legislators often abuse the urban--rural partisan divide to draw maps that make districts non-competitive. This process is called gerrymandering, and it is designed to skew the weight of your vote and give you the illusion of choice while protecting incumbents. We can end this by mandating independent redistricting commissions that will designate districts without concern for partisanship.

Additionally, I support the overhaul of the campaign finance laws to prevent corporations and wealthy individuals from using their wealth to buy undue influence by funding campaigns through political action committees, anonymous donations, and unaccountable dark money in federal and state elections. When elected, I vow to reform campaign finance laws that undermine democracy for the benefit of the rich.

Since the Voting Rights Act was gutted in 2013, voting rights have come under attack on many fronts. Politicians everywhere have a vested interest in making it harder for you to vote. That’s why, in order to protect the foundation of our democracy, we must revise the Voting Rights Act and take steps to ensure the security and accessibility of our elections.

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